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When it comes to philanthropic investments, focusing on both profit and purpose allows capital to be invested for the greater good of our communities, the environment and the world.

Focusing on financial gain alone means we have to choose between "doing well" and "doing good." Today's investors want their contributions to do well and do good and understand that profit and purpose must be pursued together if we are to truly create a better tomorrow.


What is a Donor Advised Fund?

A donor advised fund (DAF) through Investors Philanthropic, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is a simple and efficient way to have your philanthropic assets managed without the hassle and time and effort required if you had to do the work yourself. Investors Philanthropic performs all the administrative work, investment research, vetting and qualifying grant recipients, issuing grants, and due diligence to help investors measure risks vs. rewards and receive the best possible returns on their investments.


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Benefits of Your DAF

Market Value Tax Deductions: Contributions to your DAF are tax-deductible in the year of contribution at fair market value= and are set by a percentage of your AGI depending on the type of contribution you made. Plus, any unused tax deductions can be carried forward and claimed for up to five years.
• Tax deductions up to 60% of AGI for cash contributions.
• Tax deductions up to 30% of AGI for securities and other appreciated assets.

- Tax-free Growth: Your DAF investments can appreciate taxfree.
- Lowest Fees: Your DAF has the lowest fees compared to foundations and other charitable investment services.
- No Capital Gains Tax: Gifts of appreciated assets such as securities, real estate, illiquid hedge funds & other assets are not subject to capital gains tax.
- No Estate Tax: Your DAF is not subject to estate tax.
- Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT): If you are subject to AMT, your DAF contribution will reduce your AMT impact.


Questions to Consider

Donor’s Ability to Advise Impact Investments: Does Investors Philanthropic allow its donors to bring forward impact investing opportunities? Yes. Availability and Quantity of Impact Investing Options: Does Investors Philanthropic provide pre-vetted impact investing options to its donors? Yes. Extensiveness of Impact Investing Options Across Asset Classes: What does Investors Philanthropic offer today, and what can we expect to see in the future? Collaborative & extensive alliance with Rev Hub OC for more impact investment opportunities. Ability to Recommend Additional Managers: Does the Investors Philanthropic allow you to recommend additional fund managers? Yes. Minimum Fund Size: Is there a minimum fund size, and if so, what is it? Yes, the minimum initial contribution is $100,000 to open a DAF account.

We Formulate Custom Investment Strategies to Meet Donor Goals Once you apply and open your DAF account with your minimum initial contribution of $100,000, our team will meet with you and your investment advisors to learn about your charitable interests and will help formulate a custom investment strategy that includes private investments to best meet your philanthropic goals. For instance, if you are interested in using your DAF to support specific causes, you may wish to recommend your DAF assets be invested in environmental, social and governance indexes, or cause-specific investments (e.g., renewable energy solutions in North America), thereby having a positive impact before you’ve even recommended your first grant. When you are ready to recommend grants, we connect your grants with vetted, qualified and eligible recipients and issue grants on your behalf and on your timeline. The purpose of an impact investment is to generate a positive social or environmental return as well as a financial return. If DAF assets are invested in impact investments, in most cases, any financial returns are tax-free and can be reinvested or used to make additional charitable grants.


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